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Flexible Income Fund

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Investor Profile

The unit trust portfolio is suitable for investors seeking enhanced money market returns, but who have a low tolerance for capital loss and who do not wish to make complex asset allocation decisions between cash, bonds, property and other fixed interest asset classes. The portfolio typically displays higher volatility than a money market unit trust portfolio.

Investment manager

Abax Investments is an owner-managed company that focuses exclusively on investment management. Abax aims to construct diversified portfolios which have the ability to generate performance in a range of market conditions. They are characterised by a small and focused team of experienced investment professionals, with varied expertise in stock selection, fixed interest and asset allocation.Abax Investments was established in 2003 and manages the Nedgroup Investments Rainmaker, Entrepreneur, Opportunity and Flexible Income Funds.

Risk profile

Low risk High risk
The greater the amount of risk an investor is willing to take on the greater the potential return

Minimum investment

Lump sum: R10 000 Debit order: R500

Recommended minimum period

6 months

Inception date

29 October 2004

Asisa category



110% SteFi Call Deposit over rolling 1 year

Performance (since inception)

Annual Fees (Including VAT) eac Fees calculator

Fee Percentage
Total Expense Ratio (TER) 0.90%
Transaction costs 0.02%
Total investment charges 0.92%

Price as at eac View all prices

Fund price Market change Unit count
1548.69 0.02% 87 752 568.3054

Income distribution

Cents per unit Latest date Frequency
26.48 30 September 2019 Quarterly